Dates and locations


Day 1: Unzipped (Geelong Clinical School)

30th September, 2017

Day 2: Change (Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne)

1st October, 2017


Day 1: Unzip it

Day 1 will focus on ‘unzipping’ the big ideas in global health. Through our exploration of the global health workforce, preventative medicine, advocacy, the refugee crisis, human rights, law, politics and more - you will be left engaged, inspired (or even somewhat perplexed).

Day 2: Change it

After unpacking big (and somewhat lofty) ideas, Day 2 will focus on making tangible ‘change’ both globally and locally. Through intelligent discussions on a diversity of topics from youth empowerment, advocacy, social enterprise, sustainable food systems, environmental choices and Indigenous health you will left motivated to search for local solutions to global issues.

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