Dates and locations


Day 1: Fostering an Inclusive Australia (Geelong Clinical School)

26th May, 2018

Day 2: Tackling Global Goals (Venue TBD)

27th May, 2018


Day 1: Fostering an Inclusive Australia

Day 1 is all about fostering change in our own backyard. Hear from local speakers to encourage conversation on topics such as indigenous health and culture, refugee health, queer health, mental health and women’s health and empowerment!

Day 1 of CxU 2018 will focus on Australian global health issues, and provide delegates with areas we can target in our own community. We hope that delegates leaving the conference will be empowered with an understanding of how they can impact those around them

Day 2: Tackling Global Goals

Today we broaden our perspective to focus on wider global health concerns. There will be an emphasis on key issues including voluntourism, policy and sustainability. This day aims to empower you with the tools to put global health into action!

Day 2 of CxU will then take a global focus to the discussion, where our delegates will develop an expansive understanding of the extent of these global health issues. Over the two days, delegates will be equipped with both the skills to make local change, and the scope to continue on to facilitate global change.

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