Global Health Unzipped Panel Announcement: Prof. Paul Komesaroff

CxU 2017 is thrilled to have author, physician, and philosopher, Dr Paul Komesaroff, join us for a panel on global health.

Paul Komesaroff is a practising physician and Professor of Medicine at Monash University and Executive Director of the international NGO Global Reconciliation. He has a PhD in philosophy and an international reputation in health care ethics, and has made a major impact on the field of clinical ethics in Australia.

Paul Komesaroff’s work is interdisciplinary: spanning clinical medicine, biomedical research, social research, philosophy and ethical theory, clinical ethics and policy development with respect to ethics and clinical practice. As a physician, his field of specialty is endocrinology. Professor Komesaroff has also authored over 350 peer reviewed articles and 14 books, the most recent of which is his novel, "Riding a crocodile: A physician's tale", the world's first bioethical thriller.

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