Sustainable Communities



Ethical decision making:


  • What is the top challenge in creating sustainable communities within this country?
  • Do you really think making a sustainable community can reverse the effects global warming has already had on the planet or is it just maintaining the Earth at its current state?
  • In trying to be a conscientious consumer by supporting companies doing the right thing, is there somewhere we can easily access a list of ethical companies for consumers?
  • Is this sustainability model compatible with our capitalist society? What would happen to our democracy in this model if we only allow intelligent people to run the world (as opposed to allowing people to elect Trump/Brexit)?
  • How can B Corps compete with large multinationals? Can they survive?
  • At the moment, people value money the most; how do we change people’s values so that they value the environment?
  • In Syria there’s an argument that the new democratic government needs to involve Bashar Al-Assad for the country to progress. In climate change there is a similar argument that for real change to be achieved, BHP, Rio Tinto, Adani, big banks need to be involved to change practices. Is there an argument that these big contributors to the problem need to be involved or is it enough that small ethical businesses can fill this space? Does the dichotomy of the ‘good guys’ vs. the ‘bad guys’ need to be challenged?
  • The panel has touched on cooperation and collaboration, however there is a lot of duplication of efforts across this area. Do we need to address this and increase collaboration?
  • In this room there are some of the smartest young people in Australia. A lot of them are here because they feel something needs to be done, and by being here they have shown they have that initial spark. What is your advice on how they can take this and work together (as shown by the collaboration to create this conference) to create sustainable communities in Australia and overseas?

DISCUSSIONWhat is the greatest challenge in building sustainable communities?

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