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Irene Lu

Emma Dorn

Lani Wilde

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Global Health Groups

Universal Health at Deakin University

At UHAD, our aim is to educate and advocate for global health issues in Australia and internationally within the Deakin University community. Since 2008, we have provided platforms for youth to debate and engage in global health issues through social, academic and volunteering activities. In 2015, UHAD held its first independent Global Health conference entitled ‘Global Health Unzipped’, which attracted over 100 students and health professionals from the Greater Geelong and Melbourne regions.

Ignite at Monash University

Ignite is a dynamic student-run organisation that aims to inspire, empower and mobilise students of medicine and health sciences to take an informed approach to advancing global health equity. With a membership base of over 700 Monash medical students, and 4 specialised subcommittees, Ignite runs a large number of events that are attended by both medical students and healthcare professionals, and publishes content that promotes involvement in global health. In 2015, students from multidisciplinary backgrounds attended Ignite’s inaugural Global Health Conference, Change, run in collaboration with Oxfam at Monash and Engineers without Borders. They heard from inspiring speakers from the UN Sustainable Development network and participated in workshops on sustainable health, living and engineering.

Medical Students Global Health Collective at University of Melbourne

MSGHC is the representative body of the University of Melbourne's medical student society for all global health issues. Recently MSGHC has taken large strides to address areas of need, with the three major aims being to engage students in global health, connect students with global health opportunities, and to fill gaps in the education and involvement in global health at the university. One of MSGHC's major successes in its short history is its annual Global Health Expo, bringing passionate students and global health organisations together, promoting connectedness and collaboration in all of our efforts.